We hear things like this all the time, especially in the yoga, healing and the self-help section of the bookstore. The reason why it is repeated and emphasized is because it is one of the only things that will revive us on those days where we need refocusing; to help us remember the things that truly matter in this life.


What does source means to you and what do you get from it?


Connecting to source asks us to gently look inwards and ask ourselves:

What is the source of your fears, your blockages, your pride or your discomfort?


What is the source of your joy and your power?

What is the source of your renewal and release?


Today I connected to source on my yoga mat; spontaneously, mid morning tea, to a very loud pink vinyl Pearl Jam album, cause that is what worked for me; today that was my source.


For me Pearl Jam and yoga go together like beaches and dusk, like sunrise and morning dew, like the smell of hay and horses. All these things connect me to source. Feeling the thick grass against my bare feet, the smell of fall in the air and even Eddie Vedder and the guys jamming with all their worth.


These things remind me of my desire for grounding, decency and becoming a more conscious and kinder person. They remind me about the necessity of releasing tensions. How I want to have conversations about things that really count and that it is vital to the wellbeing of our selves and the planet.


Connecting to source reminds me share what my teachers have taught me because they shared what their teachers taught them, be it a friend, a “guru”, a rock band or a patch of grass.


Namaste to source.