What to do in a me, me, me world, when everyone wants you to blog and talk about yourself and what you ate for breakfast and what your dog did at the park.


How do we stay social without selling our souls?


How do we keep it about the work?


When my work involves helping others reduce the excess of incoming messages to their nervous systems how do I gently engage in the requirement of social media content and being able to prove my “clickablility”. For a long time I have fought against being part of the intensities of the media. I didn’t want to be part of a trend or have the outer packaging and sales of any industry be part of my calling. I know the anxiety that can occur when there is lack of grounding, lack of honesty and lack of decency in the drive and push to meet numbers, deadlines and participate in the forecasting trends of the times. My job as I see it is to help people lessen their external demands; to listen to what they need on the inside. I also ask people to gently look at things that may be scary or challenging. And more than anything I ask others to engage in consciousness, awareness and the possibility of re-patterning old habits; physical, mental or otherwise.


I have challenged my preconceived notion of what social media looks like and will slowly create my own rules and vision for participating in the continual engagement.


A very beautiful human named Stephanie Bonas ( # house of bonas, ) said to me that I owed it to the world to put good stuff out there. There is so much junk being put out into the universe that it needs to be balanced out with good content. That without people writing good, the bad will take over! And we can’t have that now can we.


So it becomes my conscious civic content duty to get over my discomfort and try; in the name of balance and karma, I write.